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PACTIV Composite Decking

Elegant, durable decking that’s good for your home and your planet.

Your existing deck tired and need replacing? Perhaps you’re ready to make more of your indoor/outdoor flow and want a space where you can ease back and enjoy the views or entertain friends and family on those warm summer evenings.

The PACTIV Decking System is the easy, cost-effective way to add outdoor decking to your home.

PACTIV Decking is made from long-lasting recycled materials (so it’s better for the planet). It’s durable and easy to clean and maintain, bringing all the natural charm of wood to your home without the headaches.

Installing PACTIV Decking using our Fastkit System takes just a fraction of the time, effort and cost of timber decking – you can even do it yourself.

The elegant, streamlined profile and range of timeless colours means you’ll find a PACTIV decking solution that’s the perfect match for your home.

Read on to discover how the PACTIV Decking System can help you make more of your outdoor spaces.

Offer superior advantages over wood:

Resists rot, warping, and splintering.
Eliminates the need for seasonal painting, sealing, or staining.
Retains colour and resists staining.
Remains impervious to termite damage.
PACTIV Composite Decking
Wood Decking

The natural beauty of wood that won’t warp, rot or fade

The PACTIV Decking System provides all the natural charm of timber, with all these extra benefits:

  • Made from 100% recycled materials that are free from formaldehyde, so it’s better for you and your environment;

  • Hollow lightweight design is tough and durable and easy to install;

  • No warping, fading or cracking. PACTIV Decking retains its good looks for up to thirty years;

  • Easy to maintain – no need to sand or restain. Simply wash with soap and water as required;

  • No visible nails or screws for a more streamlined, safer surface;

  •  Customise lengths to suit your space

  • Free from mildew and insect pests that can attack and ruin wood

  • Available in a wide range of natural colours. No need to paint or stain.

Choose the style and colour that suits your lifestyle

A perfect outdoor setting means different things to different people. The PACTIV Decking System gives you the flexibility to create your dream space, with a range of colours and styles.

Generation One

Solid Grooved Edge Board

25mm x 140mm x 5400mm

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Six-hole)

25mm x 140mm x 5400mm

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Seven-hole)

23mm x 146mm x 5400mm

Available colours



Desert Brown



Red Polemo

Generation Two

Solid Grooved Edge Board

25mm x 140mm x 5400mm

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Six-hole)

25mm x 140mm x 5400mm

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Seven-hole)

22mm x 145mm x 5400mm

Available colours


Ancient Wood

Red Wood

Red Pomelo



Silver Grey

Red Sandalwood


25mm x 40mm x 3000mm

Cost-effective installation and a streamlined finish

Your PACTIV Decking comes with a specially designed Fastkit System that makes installation faster, easier and more cost-effective than a wooden decking system.

You can even do it yourself (or we can put you in touch with a PACTIV installer).

There are no unsightly nail or screw holes to interrupt the modern, streamlined appearance of your deck (which also means there’s no risk of any screws or nails popping up to injure unprotected feet).

Here’s what your Fastkit System includes

FastKit Starter C-Clip (304 stainless steel)

10m2 Box (30 per box)

304 Cross Screws for C-Clips (M4*25mm)

10m2 Box (30 per box)

FastKit Standerd Clip


304 Cross Screws for Standerd Clips (M4*30mm)

10m2 Box (220 per box)

MeiGu Nail for Joist

10m2 Box (80 per box)

Tailored decking sizes are at your service. Contact us to explore your specific requirements.

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PACTIV Composite Decking

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