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PACTIV Composite Fencing

Eternal charm, minimal upkeep.

When you weigh the advantages of PACTIV composite fencing, wood fences seem like high-maintenance chores. PACTIV composite fencing offers unparalleled durability, aesthetics, and minimal upkeep. With consistent quality, lasting performance, and cost-effective options, it outshines traditional wood.

Built to Last

PACTIV fencing is supported by a 10-year Residential Limited Warranty, ensuring its longevity against the elements. PACTIV doesn’t rot, peel, or splinter and requires no painting or staining.

Unique Design

PACTIV Fencing ensures complete privacy with interlocking pickets, offering a consistent and attractive appearance from both sides. It comes in six natural colours and features a well-framed design at the top and bottom


We make eco-friendly composite fencing from from 95% recycled biomass composite materials that includes wood and bamboo sawdust, straw and plastics.

Choose the style and colour that suits your lifestyle

PACTIV fencing comes with diverse, luxurious colours of choice, all of which provide the fade-less and stain-less colour you’ll enjoy for decades. So fall in love with one wisely.

Generation One

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Seven-hole)

190mm x 15.5mm x 2200mm

Hollow Grooved Edge Board (Five-hole)

150mm x 25mm x2200mm

Fence Post

120mm x 120mm x 1900mm

Fence post skirts and caps

120mm x 120mm

Galvanised Steel Fence Post

60mm x 60mm x 1000mm

Available colours



Desert Brown



Red Polemo

Tailored fencing sizes are at your service. Contact us to explore your specific requirements.




PACTIV Composite Fencing

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